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Bank Service Excellence Monitor 2020 – Walk In Channel (Conventional Banks)

19-March | -

Chatbot Revolution: Transforming Indonesian Banking with AI-Powered Assistants

08-October | AI-powered chatbots are transforming the Indonesian banking industry, enhancing customer service with user-friendly interfaces and accurate solutions.

Digital Banking Competition Heats Up: BNI, BCA, and BRI Lead the Race in Transforming Customer Experience

08-October | COVID-19 accelerated adoption, prompting banks to enhance their digital banking transformation. Mobile and internet banking will replace branches for transactions, favored by tech-savvy millennials.

Digital Banking Evolution: Simplifying Account Opening with Technology

08-October | Banks are embracing digital transformation, including digital account opening. Through applications, websites, and digital branches, customers can open accounts conveniently and quickly. BCA leads in application-based account opening, Bank Permata excels in website account opening, and BCA is at the forefront of digital branches.


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