BSEM History

For over two decades, BSEM has been a leading force in promoting service excellence in the Indonesian banking industry. With a distinguished history of more than 20 years, we have been devoted to researching, and sharing the principles and practices of exceptional customer experience.


MRI started the annual Bank Service Excellence Monitor (BSEM) study through a mystery shopping program


The inaugural BSEM Award was launched in collaboration with Infobank , marking a significant milestone in recognizing excellence in the Indonesian banking industry.


BSEM expanded its recognition by incorporating Regional Development Banks (BPD) and electronic banking the awards, showcasing its commitment to embracing the diverse landscape of the Indonesian banking industry.


BSEM expanded its reach by incorporating sharia banks into the awards, acknowledging their valuable role and accomplishments in the Indonesian banking industry.


BSEM integrated digital channels provide a holistic view of bank service performance.


The first BSEM study during the COVID-19 pandemic BSEM first incorporated contact center .


BSEM embraced the emergence of digital banks , acknowledging their growing prominence and influence in the banking sector.


Marking its 20th year , the BSEM Award celebrates two decades of excellence in customer experience within the Indonesian banking industry, inspiring continuous growth and innovation.

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