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Face To Face

A Face-to-Face Interview is a data collection method when the interviewer directly communicates with the respondent in accordance with the prepared questionnaire.

Central Location Test

A Central Location Test (CLT) is one in which the research is conducted in a location such as a room in a shopping mall in which consumers would be recruited to participate in a research product at the mall and the research would be conducted and completed at that time.

Online Panel

An Online Panel (or an online market research panel) is an online group of pre-selected people that are both interested and willing to participate in a market research study based on their profile due to the research needs.


A Computer-Assisted Telephone Interview (CATI) is a telephone surveying technique in which the interviewer follows a script provided by a software application.

Home-used Test

Home Used Tests (HUT) are product marketing tests performed in the consumer's home, contrary to central location tests.


In-Depth Interview

An In-Depth Interview is a qualitative research technique that involves conducting intensive individual interviews with a small number of respondents to explore their perspectives on a particular idea, programme, or situation. We can conduct a face to face in-depth interview or an online in-depth interview through phone or video call.

FGD (online/offline)

Focus Group Discussion (FGD) means gathering people from similar backgrounds or experiences to discuss a specific topic of interest. We can conduct a face to face focus group discussion or an online focus group discussion through video conference apps.

Shopper Study

Shopper Study helps you understand what shoppers think and believe (attitudes) and what they do (behaviors) when they are shopping.


Industrial Research

Industrial Research is a helicopter view research to understand particular industry, the competition within, market size and market share in that particular industry. We collect data and information from various sources with various methodologies based on the research needs. After we collect the data, we will analyze and develop a comprehensive report.

Investigative Research

Investigative and intelligence Research aims to collect sensitive and confidential information that you need from your competitor. It can be a marketing plan, financial reports, distribution and sales report of your competitor. We use various methodology to collect that information for your convenience. Then we will analyze and develop the report for your needs.

Desk Research

Desk Research is a technique to collect secondary data, through journals, literatures, business reports, or collation and/or synthesis of existing research.


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