Tracking Study (on specific categories)

A mini U - A - I Study carried out regularly and available to multiple clients. It is a low cost but high quality research. Results are very beneficial, especially for marketers, to access the information concerning their brand position and performance in the market.

Omnibus Survey

A survey regularly run by the agency and multiple clients are invited to participate in the survey by sharing the survey cost. Hence, it is a cost effective way for obtaining information about consumers from a number of cities.

Bank Consumer Monitor (BCMsm)

Tracking Study in Jakarta, Surabaya and Medan among a sample of 600 bank customers from the A class. The Study measures bank customers habits and attitudes towards bank and bank products such as; saving account, ATM, debit card, phone banking, internet banking and many more.

Bank Service Excellence Monitor (BSEMsm)

Measures 'Service Excellence' of leading banks in Jakarta and two other 'mysterious' cities using the Mystery Shopping method. BSEM studies are conducted using a set of parameters enhanced with input from the periodical customers study.

Hospital Service Excellence Monitor (HSEMsm)

Measures Service Excellence of 'modern' hospital in Greater Jakarta using the Mystery Shopping method.

CS Driver SM Study on Banks

The study is not only showing CS Index of different banks, but also reveals the key drivers in bank customer satisfaction and the link between performance, customer loyalty and their transaction behaviors. The study is conducted in Jakarta, Surabaya and Medan among customers of 10 leading national banks and 1 foreign bank.

E – Channel Study

The study explores and measure the needs and wants, perception and preference among electronic channel users in 5 mayor cities (Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya and Medan. The study covers phone banking, sms banking, M banking and internet banking.

Consumer Confidence & Consumer Behavior

It is a study that gives insights to business about the consumer perceptions and expectation about the future of the country. It is beneficial for the industry as input in their development of their business strategy and planning. It is an annual survey that MRI conducts toward the end of the year to gauge consumer perceptions toward the following year in terms of their confidence towards the economy and their likelihood of shopping behavior. The survey ascertains consumer perceptions toward the current year performance and their expectations toward the following year situation. From various variable, a Consumer Confidence Index is created.

Lifestyle Study

The study focus on consumer activities during week days and week ends, at their daily life and at their leisure time. The survey explores emerging trends among customers in their habits of eating out, shopping, media consumption, etc. Typically the survey interviews over 1000 representative samples from Indonesia major cities and targeted toward specific segments such as kids, teens, females, males and the golden age.

Consumer Trends

A reading on strategic trends on consumer preference and behavior through a survey in 6 major cities. Food Habits, Health Care Habits, Drinking Habits, Snacking Habits, etc.


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