Our team of researchers comprises of highly qualified and experienced people who will work closely with you in making the best decision based on the results of the research.

Our Fieldwork

In order to allow us to gather valuable information that can accurately represent the actual condition of that market, we employ more than 500 interviewers and more than 2000 mystery shoppers in our fieldwork department, covering more than 100 citied throughout Indonesia from our field offices in Jakarta, Bandung, Medan and Surabaya.

Our Data Processing

We analyze and interpret the data in our in-house facilities, to ensure the security of your valuable information. With our computerized system in the Data Processing Department at our Jakarta Office, we are able to do a variety of analysis processes, from the simplest one such as cross-tabulation, to more advanced ones such as cluster analysis, factor analysis, correspondence analysis, conjoint analysis, and so on.

Our Facilities


For speed and quality research, our Jakarta office is equipped with the latest technology in data collection and processing, namely Computer Aided Telephone Interview (CATI), Computer Aided Personal Interview (CAPI), and Web Base Interview.

E-Channel Banking

Today, e-banking is getting more and more important in banking activities. MRI's e-channel monitoring facility can measure the actual performance of a bank's electronic delivery channels such as phone and mobile banking, SMS banking, and Internet banking.


We also have discussion room with viewing facility to facilitate focus group discussion. FGD is a research technique use to collect data through group interaction about a topic determined by the researcher. Comprising a small number of carefully selected people, based on their commonality of experience, FGD is a powerful tool that provides us with in-depth qualitative data and thus help us to understand what is likely to be going on in the market.


  • Head Office: Soho Pancoran, Tower Splendor 19th Floor, Unit 15,16,17.
    Jl. Let.Jend. MT.Haryono kav 2-3
    Jakarta Selatan 12810
  • Operation Division : Jl. Tebet Raya 11C-D
    Jakarta 12810
  • Email: mri@mri-research-ind.com
  • Website: www.mri-research-ind.com
  • Telp :
    +62-21 501 016 55 (Hunting) (Head Office)
    +62-21 831-4041 (Hunting) (Operation Division)
  • Fax :
    +62-21 8370-8768 (Head Office)
    +62-21 835-0114 (Operation Division)